Your favorite
supercar concierge.

  • Discrete expert logistics
  • Epic road & track times
  • Highest standard car detailing & secure storage
  • Access to the most emotional supercars

We drive
your passion.

The things fascinating you about the automotive world – they inspire us just as much. It’s this enthusiasm that drives and motivates us to reliably and discretely find the best solution to meet your needs at all times.

Premium services

Your car is worth it.

Graphit Performance is your partner for excellent services covering all aspects of your vehicle. Setting new standards to safety, service and value retention.

Our premium services include:
// Discrete expert logistics
// Secure storage
// Highest standard car detailing

// Discrete expert logistics

From A to B like never before.

Wherever your journey takes you – Graphit Performance is your specialist for enclosed vehicle transport, setting new standards to safety and service.

// Secure storage

Perfectly taken care of.

With expertise, the utmost care and attention to detail, our highly trained team is here to look after your vehicle.

// Highest standard car detailing

Giving your vehicle the care it deserves.

When you ask Graphit Performance to valet your car, it will be thoroughly cleaned – playing an important role in maintaining value.

Track Days

Moments that last a lifetime.

Count on Graphit Performance as your partner for track days on the most spectacular racetracks – including a carefully selected supporting program.

Touring Events

Legendary events

An experience like no other: with Graphit Performance, you can treat yourself to multi-day touring events in some of the world’s most impressive regions – with a supporting program that leaves nothing to be desired.


Supercars sales & rental

Coming soon!

Our Crew


Team Member
Felix Rongen

Back Office

Team Member
Laura Skorski
Back office // Reception
Team Member
Christian Granegger
Operations & Project Specialist


Team Member
Markus Beihammer
Logistics Director
Team Member
Kathrin Stuchlik
Team Member
Manuel Kirchmaier
Transport Expert
Team Member
Phillip Jammernegg
Transport Expert


Team Member
Hannes Lackner
Head of Workshop & car detailing
Team Member
Florian Strauss
Vehicle Mechatronics Technician
Team Member
Dominik Weber
Vehicle Mechatronics Technician
Team Member
Marcel Kammerer
Car detailing & individual transports
Team Member
Lukas Unterlass
Car Detailing

Sales & rental

Team Member
Gerhard Mairhofer
Sales Manager